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Parking Is A Privilege, Not A Right

All vehicles parked on the campus of Leesburg High School must be registered with the Assistant Principal over parking and display a proper Leesburg High School parking permit. All vehicles must have a Florida Registered tag to obtain a student parking pass. Out of State tags will not be permitted to park on campus.

All students registering a vehicle for parking shall be required to submit a copy of their driver’s license with their License Tag Number. A parent or legal guardian must sign the parental consent form that is attached to the parking registration form. The student must also sign this form acknowledging their compliance to all campus parking regulations.

All vehicles must be registered prior to the end of the second week of school. Failure to properly register a vehicle will result in fines and possibly the removal of the vehicle from campus at the owner’s expense.

The cost of vehicle registration is $40.00 for all students. Lost parking permits may be replaced at a cost of $10.00 per permit.

Again, before submitting these documents, please review the application so that you are aware of the guidelines and regulations set forth by Leesburg High School.