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ACT Word Priority List Sept. 8-Oct. 30

ACT Word Priority List Vocabulary

Sept. 8-11, 2015

abolish                         affirmation

arrogant                       bizarre

confide                        corrugated                   expedite

disparity                      enduring                      fertile

Sept. 14-18

hideous                        incoherent

innovate                      mobile

phenomenon                premeditated

renounce                      specify

trivial                           virtue

Sept. 21-25

accent                          ambivalence

articulate                     blunder

conspicuous                 corrupt

diverse                         evacuate                      turbulence

expendable                  fundamental

Sept. 28-Oct. 2

hilarity                         indifferent

ironic                           neutral

pivotal                         provocative                 vital

repudiate                     stanza



Oct. 5-9

acquiesce                     ambulatory

assess                           complacent

contaminate                 credulous

eloquent                      exclude                        uniform

expenditure                 futile

Oct. 12-16

hypothetical                inevitable

irrational                      novel

preclude                      rejuvenate                    willful

scrutinize                     subtle


Oct. 19-23

aesthetic                      anchor

authoritarian                comprehensive

contemporary              denounce

elusive                         exemplary                    universal

extraneous                   grave

Oct. 26-30

immune                       infer

jovial                           opaque

predecessor                 relevant                       zany

solemn                         summary

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