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Welcome to AP English Language and Comp

This AP course in Language and Composition will follow the guidelines stipulated by The College Board and require “expository, analytical, and argumentative writing assignments that are based on readings representing a wide variety of prose styles and genres.” The course will emphasize critical thinking, analysis, and synthesis of ideas presented by authors. Students will be reading full-length non-fiction texts throughout the year through their independent reading. In class readings will pull from a broad range of non-fiction works, including essays, film clips, excerpts, political cartoons, editorials, speeches, etc. The instructor will provide direct feedback as well as opportunities for peer review and student self-reflection in order to foster the development of the successful use of rhetorical strategies in students’ writing.

The rigor of this course is matching that of an introductory college course and as such, I expect you to conduct yourself in a manner fitting that environment. As a college-level course you can expect vigorous workload which will largely consist of reading, but may include projects and writing assignments. Discussion of contemporary issues is another hallmark of this course. Respect for the opinions and the ideas of others is necessary for a productive learning atmosphere. In addition, I assume that you are capable of maintaining an appropriate work schedule in order to complete assignments in a timely manner.

First Day Documents