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Getting Involved

Getting involved in Athletics is easy!  Becoming a Student-Athlete can be an educational experience in many ways - learning teamwork, cooperation, perseverance, determination, time management skills, selflessness are just a few.  Getting involved in athletics can also help physically as well.  In a time when many students are obese and sedative, involvement in physical activity helps with strength, cardiovascular conditioning, coordination, and much more.

Leesburg High School offers a wide variety of both team and individual sport teams throughout the school year.  The seasons are broken into 3 basic seasons - fall, winter, and spring.  Please see the "Sports" page for a list of teams that are offered.  Additionally, LHS offers a conditioning and weight training program throughout the summer months to all of our athletes and those wishing to become athletes.

In order to participate in any athletic activity - open gyms, season participation, weight room, or conditioning an athlete must have a completed physical packet on file in the Athletic Office.  We ask that athletes either pick a packet up in the Athletic Office or download all 4 forms from the "Forms" section of the Athletic webpage.  Please return completed packets directly to the Athletic Office.  ***Please remember the following - Please make sure the physician both signs and dates the back side of the EL2 form and secondly, please remember to include insurance information on the EL3 form -regardless of the type of insurance. *** The state of Florida and the FHSAA requires that all student athletes have insurance as athletic injuries are not covered by the school or Athletic Department. 

After turning in a physical packet, students are encouraged to speak directly to the head coach of the sport they are interested in for additional sport specific information.

More Information

  • Athletic Eligibility Brochure - What you need to do in order to participate. athletic-eligibility-brochure.pdf (212.7 KBs)
  • Parent/Coach Communication - Both parenting and coaching are extremely difficult vocations. By establishing an understanding of each position, we are better able to accept the actions of the other and provide greater benefits to children. (393.3 KBs)
  • Student Athlete Code of Conduct - This agreement shall be valid for 365 days from the date of signing regardless of the status of team or season of participation and is required for participation on any athletic team. student code of conduct-1.doc (74.5 KBs)

Transfer Students

The FHSAA has regulations regarding the transfer of students once they have entered Ninth Grade.  If you are registering at Leesburg High School after the initial entrance into Ninth Grade and are interested in athletic participation, please contact the Athletic Office to schedule an interview.  During this interview, a determination of what forms for the FHSAA are needed can be determined.

Please note that transferring during the school year may result in a student being ineligible for the remainder of the school year.

Please be advised that part of the Registration process includes the completition of an Athletic Questionnaire.  This questionnaire will help guide the Athletic Office in determining your eligibility.  You may find the FHSAA By-Laws and Policies regarding transfers and non-school related athletic team participation in the document below.  Please review it carefully.

Please note that any person’s affiliated with the Athletic Department - coaches, athletic director, teachers, boosters, other athletic parents, etc. may not speak to prospective students until they are officially registered students at Leesburg High School as to not violate FHSAA Recruiting Regulations.  We appreciate your understanding in this area.

Rising 9th Grade Students

Incoming ninth grade students may begin participation at the high school level on the Monday following the last day of the school year.  Please be advised that a completed physical packet must be on file with the Athletic Office prior to starting any athletic activities including open gyms, weight room, or conditioning.

Please note that any persons affiliated with the Athletic Department at Leesburg High School including Coaches, Athletic Director, Boosters, school district personnel may not speak to prospective students until they are registered students at Leesburg High School as to not violate FHSAA recruiting regulations.  We appreciate your understanding in this area.

***Please be advised that once you participate in any athletic activity each summer or school year, you have established residency at that school year for the duration of the coming school year.  A transfer to another school may jeopardize your athletic eligibility.  If you are considering transferring to another school (variance, academy, moving, etc.) please do not participate in any summer activities until you are ready to establish your school residency for the remainder of the upcoming school year.