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Course Description

Course Description
 The purpose of this course is to provide instruction that enables students to read, write, and think critically for a number of purposes. Emphasis will be placed on the assessment and growth progression of writing and reading skills. Specific attention will be given to the construction of formal essays, as well as to the study of literature.

Specific Description for Honors

This is an honors course for academically gifted students who have the ability to pursue an accelerated English program. These students are preparing for an Advanced Placement English (college level courses) in their high school career; therefore, the material will reflect more rigor and require more time on the student’s part more than other English II courses. Students will be expected to exhibit critical thinking skills before, during, and after reading a complex text. Students will also be analyzing and evaluating what they have read while incorporating writing skills in order to develop thoughtful responses to and examples of them.  We will advance the reading process through fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies. By knowing what is expected throughout the term and successfully meeting AND exceeding those expectations, is a vital role to academic success.