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Welcome to English IV

Welcome to your last year of high school English! I’m very excited that you’ve made it this far, but now the real work begins: to finish out high school strong and get ready for the next big step in your life. This will be part of my job this year: to challenge you not just in the moment during class, but also in preparing for a prosperous future.

Written Response Prompt

The final three texts of this unit focus on different perspectives on life and humanity. After reading your chosen text (West, Nietzsche, or Decartes), write a multi-paragraph explanation in which you analyze the author’s perspective on the topic. Support your discussion with evidence from the text.

Be sure you explain the central idea of the text, how the central idea is developed across the text, and what the central idea demonstrates about the author’s perspective, and what you have come to understand about the topic of the text.

First Days Documents