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-My least favorite question- WHY IS MY GRADE SO LOW?

If anyone should be able to answer that question, it is you. Take initiative as a young adult, and be responsible for your learning. Have a skyward account, and check your grades frequently. Even if something is not put in the gradebook, you should know whether or not you submitted it.

I turned this in, but Skyward says it's missing

This one can be trickier, but here's some hopeful help. As soon as an assignment is created in Skyward and graded for one person, it will appear as missing for everyone else until graded. However, ungraded assignments do not negatively affect your grade. Take a look at the picture to the left. Note the difference in the Skyward mobile app between the assignments that come up as missing, and the ones that have (Missing) in the right most column. When the right column says missing, it has been marked missing, counted as a zero, and is negatively affecting your grade. Please note the difference before storming my desk with pitchforks and torches.