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MyCareerShines can help you land the career of your dreams. Learn about yourself. Explore careers. Make a plan for education. Prepare for work. It all starts here.   Explore careers. Make a plan for education. Prepare for work. Land your dream job. It all starts here.  

Florida has 40 public colleges and universities that offer a range of degrees and experiences. From a historically black university in the state capital to a preeminent research university in central Florida to a community college located in the lush tropical paradise of the Florida Keys, the Sunshine State has the school that's right for you.  

Nearly all of Florida's state colleges and universities offer online degree programs.Find out what jobs are hot in the Sunshine State now - and in the future. Every year, the state of Florida issues a report on first year median income for college graduates with specific degrees. The data provides critical financial information to students who are considering college and selecting degree programs. Knowing your earning potential before you select a major can influence your decision. WWW.MYCAREERSHINES.ORG

Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017

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