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Leesburg High has a chapter of SKILLS USA

SKILLS USA is the largest student run career and technical club in the world. The club is a curriculum based organisation to showcase and focus on leadership and hads on skills.

Students enroled in any Career Techncal class may join as a member and run for office.

Tuesday August 22nd Culinary will have a introductory meeting for students interested in joining. The meeting will go through both lunches and students are incouraged to come meet last years officers and lfind out what our great organisation is about.

The Club covers everthing from nursing, engeneering, construction, electrica, digital design and culinary.

We look forward to growing our school club and being the leaders of tomorrow.

Chef John G Bell CEC CE

skills usa up coming events

The Leesburg SKILLS USA culinary team will be doing a fundraiser and sponsoring a school in The Himalayan Mountains the help rebuild a school devistated by an earth quake. Our Team will be preparing an authentic dinner with 7 Certified Chefs from Lake County. There will be three World Record Holders who will be keynote speakers at the main event in April.

The Leesburg Culinary SKILLS CLUB WILL PAY FOR A FLAG THAT WILL BE BROUGHT TO THE TOP OF MOUNT EVEREST. This is a unique exsperience for students and our school. The group climing the mountain will document the climb and students will be able to track thier flag to the top of the world literaly. The flag will then be brought back to LHS to be displayed with the names of students in the club on it at the school.

We have some exciting things happaning and I look forward to sharing my personal experience in SKILLS USA and how it helped shape my leadership skills. Students interested in joining please see Chef Bell.

More information on our huge event will come through out the school year.

Chef John G Bell C.E.C C.E.