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Welcome to Spanish 1

Extra Credit

Because the goal of a foreign language class is to encourage students to recognize and use the target language outside of the classroom, I give "sticker points" when they bring anything that they find in Spanish outside of class.  As stated in my syllabus, they can earn up to 20 stickers per grading period. Each sticker is worth 1/2 of a point toward a test grade.  If they get all 20 this equates to 10 points on a test grade.  That is a whole letter grade jump on a 40% grade and can vastly increase their average. 

The other extra credit opportunity I offer is for the students to practice on the website I have listed,  Any activities that they submit on their out-of-class time will be entered in the gradebook in the category that needs the most support. 

Because I have these ongoing extra credit opportunities I do not give any other extra credit.  If students are diligent in doing all classwork and homework they can be successful in my class.

!Buena Suerte!