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Late Assignment Policy

Work will be accepted late for reduced credit. For almost all assignments, 5 points will be taken off each day late up until a week, when it is no longer accepted. Work is considered late if it is not prepared at the beggining of class for submission.

Daily Homework Update

Tues. 10/10/17

No homework 

Monday 10/9

HW: Sorry I was out today! Please finish Chapter 1 in class. Also please complete the sheet of standards based questions we began on Friday. There may be a quiz on Chapter 1 when I return on Tuesday. 

Thurs 10/5 and 10/6- No HW

Weds. 10/4/17

No Homework

Tues. 10/3/17

No Homework

Mon. 10/2/17

Hw: Finish Preface/interview questions

**A PDF of the the Preface is uplaoded below in the file group**

Thurs. 9/28-Fri. 9/29

HW: Oprah video reaction due Monday

There is a picture of the board with the directions below, and a link 

Data chat forms due.

Weds. 9/27/17

No Hw

Tue. 9/26/17


Mon. 9/25/17


Weds. 9/20/17 to Friday 9/22

No homework-

**Get data chat form signed after your conference with Brengel**

Tues. 9/19/17

Finish Central Idea Current Event

The format on how to do an objective summary is in shown in a picture file in the file group at the bottom of this page. Your task is to write an objective summary for any new current event article. You do not need to print the article. Try to get your article from a reputable new source, like the BBC, New York Times, CNN or Library of Congress. 

This is all we did in class. 

Mon. 9/18/17

No School

Fri. 9/8/17

No homework- Stay safe during Hurricane Irma!

Thurs. 9/7/17

No Homework

Weds. 9/6/17

No Homework

Tues. 9/5/17

Finish fully annotating "Enzyme" article

No specific questions to annotate for, but meet the standards set forth in class.

Article is attached in file group at the bottom of the page. Titled "Enzymes"

Mon. 9/4/17

No School!

Fri. 9/1/17

None! Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

Thurs. 8/31/17

Study for vocabulary quiz tomorrow!

Weds. 8/30/17

Finish both sides of tools for football article

Tues. 8/29/17

HW: All Santa Fe work due on Wednesday

Mon. 8/28/17

HW: No Homework

*Vocab quiz on Friday!*

Fri. 8/25/17

HW: No Homework!

Thurs. 8/24/17

HW: No homework- testing in lab

Weds. 8/23/17

HW: No Homework!- Meet in 4-106 Tomorow. 

Tues. 8/22/17

HW: Fully Annotate "Santa Fe" Article.

Mon. 8/21/17

HW: Finish analysis paragraph of "God in America." The video is uploaded in the file group at the very bottom of the page, as well as a photo of the instructions on how to do the paragraph. (The file is titled "God In America Paragraph instuctions" 

Note: For those who were Absent on Monday 8/21- Watch the video once, just to gain understanding. Then use a sheet of paper to set up T-Chart. The left side is for Observations (what do you observe during watching the video? What images or words/phrases are repeated or emphasized?

After creating your chart of observations, highlight the 3 from your list of observations that you felt were the most important of significant. Then, explain why each of those three was significant to the right in the significance column. After that, follow the instructions above that everyone else had. 


Fri. 8/18/17

HW: No Homework! Enjoy the weekend!

Thurs. 8/17/17

HW: Fully Annotate the "Letter to Danbury Baptists." YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THE QUESTIONING/ANALYZING WORKSHEET GIVEN OUT IN CLASS. (Periods 1, 3,4)- Sorry! It was my mistake!